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With RFID, give a strategic dimension to the inventory of your assets and fixed assets.

puce RFID

Identify with RFID

How to do your RFID sourcing properly ? Which materials and sizes to choose
depending on the environment and the items ? Where to place
RFID tags ? Use a degraded mode,
but what for ?

Inventaire RFID

Inventory with RFID

How to start your inventory ? How many items an inventorist can list per day? How to calibrate the reading distance ? What information is collected and when ? How to ensure follow-up and updates ?

benefices invntaire RFID

Perform with RFID

Inventories 4 to 5 times faster. A 20% reduction in purchasing volumes. An 18% increase in the life of assets.
Easier decision making. Up-to-date fixed assets. A fair and sincere balance sheet.

ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software), expert in asset management software, RFID or barcode inventories and accounting reconciliations

For more than 30 years, ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software) has been providing you with its know-how to support you in the implementation of your inventory campaigns and in the implementation of sustainable tools and methods.

By offering you custom-made solutions adapted to your needs and activities, ARKETEAM IDF offers you the guarantee of a successful inventory.

Specialist in asset tracking and asset inventory, ARKETEAM IDF is a software publisher recognized in the world of asset management.

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