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Softwares and a dedicated team
at your entire service
for more than 30 years


Asset management software publisher and RFID expert

Became ARKETEAM IDF in September 2019, AddenDa Software, a publisher of software for managing the work environment, handles the company's asset management (asset management, facility management) and space occupancy (space planning) to meet its customers' needs : reduce costs, save time and improve the quality of services provided internally.

ARKETEAM IDF offers modular software solutions to prevent risks of over-investment in equipment (purchasing, inventories, space planning), contracts, maintenance and stocks.
Focused on controlling expenses and optimizing service to the occupant, the Adden+ range ensures the management of the company's 2nd budget, the one for the acquisition, operation and maintenance of operating assets.

Founded in 1983, ARKETEAM IDF has over 30 years of experience in software publishing, project deployment and asset inventory management.

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