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Inventaire par puces RFID


Bring on the future

Be 4 times more efficient : use RFID for your inventories

Puces RFID pour invenaires

AddenRFID, an RFID inventory and a custom-made asset management offer

A pioneer in the integration of RFID technology for the achievement of inventories of non-production items, ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software) has a solid experience. 

With 10 years of research, its AddenRFID offer is entirely complete. It precisely meets the needs of the field.

Modular, the AddenRFID solution includes:

  • the sourcing of the RFID tags adapted to your environment and your constraints

  • the identification of all types of items (equipment, furniture, audiovisual, IT, industrial, collections, technical, medical, hotel, school, clothing, wine and spirits, automobiles, etc.)

  • the mobile application Adden'UP RFID, dedicated to RFID inventory, which allows data collection in the field

  • recording terminals (rugged terminals, touch pads, etc.)

  • the service of physical inventory based on the AddenDa methodology

  • periodic RFID inventory checks 

  • the deployment of the AddenParc asset management software to track and trace the flow of assets (movements, obsolescence, contracts, etc.)

  • reconciliation with accounting assets

AddenRFID, an RFID inventory and asset management solution that meets your challenges: reduce costs and save time

The time you save, by multiplying your inventory rates by 4 or even 5, you can devote it to tasks with higher added value. You are making a full contribution to making your company more efficient and competitive.


And if you also link your RFID inventory to asset management software, you have reliable and regularly updated data. 

The RFID inventory "lives" as it moves, reassignments, maintenance and repairs. You make the right decisions faster and easily prove the validity of your investments.

You have full control over the cost of managing your assets. You know how old they are and can anticipate and budget for their renewal. 

You have dynamic indicators that provide you with flexibility and reactivity.


And if you also update your fixed assets from AddenRFID you give your Finance Department the assurance of reliable fixed assets and promote the certification of your company's accounting accounts.

Ancre video

RFID expertise

Sourcing of the tags in all types of environments

RFID tags 
Concealable : non-contact inventory by scanning the part

Operational efficiency 

​Multiply your inventory speed by 4


Inventory of locations and verification of installations in real time


Analysis of the obsolescence of the assets and renewal forecast

  • RFID HF or UHF ?
    High Frequency (HF) RFID allows the tag to be read on contact. It is used, for example, in transport badges. It must be placed on the reader. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID can be read remotely. It does not require any contact. The reading distance depends on the power of the reader and the size of the tag antenna. It is this technology that is used to handle the inventory of assets.
  • Active or passive RFID ?
    A tag is active if it constantly sends a signal. This implies that the RFID tag is powered by a battery, which can be expensive over time. A passive tag will only send a signal if it is interrogated, that means if it passes through the field of a reader. In the context of asset inventory, passive RFID is enough in the vast majority of cases.
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