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logiciel d'inventaire et de gestion des biens


Asset management software

Extend the life of your assets by 18% with an inventory software

certification sap

Inventory and asset management software for furniture, equipment, etc.

An inventory and asset management software for:

  • Locate your equipment

  • Optimize and historize inventory flows (moves, reassignments, etc.)

  • Prepare your transfers

  • Have a technical description sheet (photos, instructions, etc.)

  • Access to financial information

  • Estimate the state of your fleet

  • Plan renewals (and investments)

  • Managing strategic assets: replacement or maintenance

  • Maximize the use of assets

  • Reconcile accounting fixed assets with the reality on the ground

  • Ensure the physical follow-up of contracts (maintenance, insurance, rental, etc.) and guarantees

  • Avoid unwanted tacit renewals

  • Control the purchase and maintenance costs of your fleet

  • Facilitate collaboration between user departments, accounting, maintenance teams, etc.

100% web-based and 100% customizable asset management software

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Available in Cloud mode

  • Type of equipment that can be configured or proposed

  • Screen customization

  • Batch creation, modification and deletion

  • Tree navigation

  • Integrated into a modular software suite, the AddenParc asset management solution communicates natively with:

    • The loan management software, AddenPrêt which automates the recording and tracking of reservations and returns of inventoried assets.

    • The maintenance management software, AddenInter, which integrates a ticketing tool, team management on schedule and the programming of preventive and regulatory interventions.

    • The non-production purchasing management software, AddenAchat which handles the entire order chain, from request to invoicing and can be associated with the On Demat invoice dematerialization module.

With AddenParc, solve all the questions you may have:

  • Where is this equipment located? Who uses it?

  • How many items of this type have I acquired this year?

  • Which contracts should I terminate in the coming month?

  • How much equipment of this type do I have available?  Should I buy some more?

  • In what condition is this equipment in? Should I have it repaired?

  • Is it still under warranty?

  • When were these items purchased? Should I replace them?

  • What assets are to be checked this month?

  • ...

Whether you manage one or more types of parks (furniture, IT, equipment, industrial, medical, vehicles, clothing, etc.), AddenParc's asset management and inventory software gives you an exhaustive overview of the assets for which you are responsible.


Thanks to its barcode and RFID tag identification system, it provides an accurate status of the equipment and records all movements of the fleet (moves, reassignments, etc.).

It allows the accounting assets to be updated and guarantees that the Finance Department will present a fair and sincere statement of fixed assets.

The AddenParc furniture & equipment inventory management software is certified by SAP for asset updates.

Benefits of inventory and asset management software

Refer to the attached image.


Mobile applications for field management, connected in real time to management software.


An integrated line of modules :

IMMO          PRET

ACHAT          PARC          GMAO

STOCK          PLAN



All the functional richness of ARKETEAM IDF, hosted in the cloud : 100% secure & subscription-based use.

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