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AddenRFID in hotels

Owner and manager of luxury hotels, this large group is a major player in the hotel industry in France and abroad. If today he entrusts us with the RFID inventory of four of his most beautiful palaces it is because we have been able to meet his various requirements.


The head of internal services explains that ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software) was chosen for its successful experience in RFID inventories: "With nearly 90,000 items to be inventoried and given their diversity, from furniture and equipment in bedrooms to kitchens and reception rooms, we wanted to call on a recognized actor in the creation of substantial inventories and able to offer us solutions adapted to our time and aesthetic constraints". RFID technology was a logical choice for the group as it allows both very fast checks and concealment of labels from view of customers.


He adds: "With a control time of less than 2 minutes for the suites, each housekeeper has at any time a complete inventory of the rooms, knows exactly what is missing in each of them and can easily make up for it. The time savings are considerable: controls are much faster. And the risk of errors is almost non-existent! Adden'UP RFID stores everything. RFID has changed the way we work and we are much more efficient today! ».


AddenRFID in the administration

In 2015, the consolidation of regional government authorities required them to "merge" their assets and organize site moves. It is with this in mind that a Departmental Council of Ile de France decided to call upon ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software).


Its responsible of the management unit of the movable property entrusts us "within the framework of my patrimonial policy and in order to anticipate the transfers of personnel and equipment, I wanted to proceed to an exhaustive inventory of all the movable assets held by the Departmental Council". For this reason, he chose ARKETEAM IDF's mobile inventory solution, Adden'UP RFID, to carry out the census in the field.


"All assets are now equipped with an RFID tag and tracked in AddenParc, our asset management software. ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software) was chosen because it provides us with a high quality of service in terms of inventory services. But it is also because it has a very efficient technology that allows us to perform annual RFID inventory checks four times faster than with a barcode system."


AddenRFID the 4.0 industry's solution

American specialist in the manufacture of glass and ceramics, this company has chosen ARKETEAM IDF to support them in the identification, inventory and management of their administrative assets but also of their various production equipment (ovens, hoods, presses, easels, tools...).

The manager of the counting project explains: "In order to facilitate my inventories and their updates, I decided to contact an Asset Management specialist. I chose ARKETEAM IDF because its 30 years of experience and its complete offer, combining RFID recommendations, field inventory and tracking software, totally met my needs."
With an unsatisfactory asset management system, the company decided to equip itself with AddenParc software and use Adden'UP RFID, a 100% RFID solution, to ensure the traceability of its 10,000 assets.
"Thanks to RFID, I can now perform very fast inventory controls and track the movements of all my equipment at our two sites. I check in one click the presence of the mobile assets and I can relocate them directly if necessary.
ARKETEAM IDF (AddenDa Software) has provided us with the technology and hardware to make inventories easier and save us time. It has also, and above all, been able to meet our specific needs in terms of RFID tags, by offering us suitable labels, able to resist very high temperatures to stick on ovens, or to weather conditions to identify equipment stored outside, for example".


The football world adopts AddenRFID

A famous football club uses RFID to track the movements of equipment and furniture in its lounges. These highly mobile assets are frequently moved during matches or demonstrations (company invitations, conferences, etc.). The club needs to know exactly where the equipment necessary to install its reception rooms is located and to check that all the elements are present once the rooms are set up.
"Thanks to Adden'UP RFID's express relocation function, we can control our installations simply by going around the room, scanning all the goods identified by an RFID tag. We know exactly where to find each piece of equipment and if it is in its place," says the general services manager. "This technology really makes us more efficient. It takes us about 5 times less than previously to check our equipment.

He added that beyond this considerable time saving, "ARKETEAM IDF's inventory solution allows us to better control our purchases of equipment and furniture. As assets are less "volatil", we have reduced our investments by nearly 13%. RFID not only optimizes the organization of our events but also limits our expenses.

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