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Inventaires RFID


Boost your inventories with

RFID tags

Do the inventory : reduce your investments by 20%.

Application d'inventaire RFID

RFID technology for asset inventory

Regarded as a tedious task, inventory is too often perceived as an insurmountable work. It generally requires companies to mobilize resources, internal or external, for long periods of time, for a result that is not always achieved (lack of exhaustiveness, viability and scalability). However, the inventory is a legal obligation (article L123-12 of the french Commercial Code) !


Today, tools exist to facilitate these missions and especially to avoid interminable inventories. A good inventory software coupled with the right identification technology not only ensures the durability of the inventory but also allows convincing returns on investments.


RFID is one of those technologies that provides an innovative response to companies and offers significant advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and profitability. Its adaptability to all environments ensures optimal traceability of all types of items. And the use of radio frequency makes it possible to carry out controls without contact or sight : the cadences of the identifying can only be achieved at the speed of the inventorist to browse and scan the room !

RFID inventory process

  • Analysis of the assets to be inventoried: definition of the scope of the inventory, selection of RFID tag models, study of the reading environment

  • Definition of a sticking chart for RFID tags : possibility to make them invisible by hiding them in cabinets, by sewing them in the lining of a garment...

  • Carrying out the inventory with an RFID terminal or a touch pad: selecting the place to be inventoried by scanning its geographical code, reading the RFID tag of the equipment and defining the type of equipment ( classified by family) using a digital catalogue (with photos)

  • Other information available when entering inventory : company / department / user, location (site / building / floor / room), condition, make / model, serial number...

  • Update of the AddenParc asset management software from the RFID inventory

RFID inventory controls :

4 to 5 times faster

Once the initial inventory has been carried out, the inspection operation may take place at any time, on all or part of the property. The mobile application Adden'UP RFID ensures these controls. It is designed to respond to the different situations that the user may meet in the field :

  • Control aids : read distance adjustment and detection gauge

  • Choice of the place to be checked => display of the theoretical content.

  • Scanning of the room to check the presence or absence of items.

  • Gap analysis from the list of properties that have appeared, disappeared, new.

  • Real-time updating in the field (creation, relocation, modification of obsolescence, etc.), then in the AddenParc property management software.

RFID expertise

Sourcing of the tags in all types of environments

RFID tags 
Concealable: non-contact inventory by scanning the part

Operational efficiency 

​Multiply your inventory speed by 4


Inventory of locations and verification of installations in real time


Analysis of the obsolescence of the assets and renewal forecast

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